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Sean John at 20: Sean Combs on Longevity and Making a Difference

While his name may have changed more times than some people change cars, there has been at least one constant for Sean Combs over the past 20 years: The Sean John brand.
The label’s founder, born Sean John Combs, has been known as Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy and now, Love. But for the hip-hop entrepreneur, they’re all just names that reflect different periods in his life. Call him what you will — his success speaks for itself.
His earnings in 2017 alone, according to Forbes, were $130 million and his net worth is estimated at $820 million, edging out even Jay Z, who is worth a mere $810 million.
Not bad for someone who dropped out of business school in his sophomore year. Now, at 48, Combs has a multipronged career that covers not only fashion but music, TV production, athletes’ beverages and vodka. And, of course, he travels with his own entourage – at his WWD shoot, 17 people arrived well ahead of the star. Given all his activities, getting face time with Combs can be a challenge, hence the reason Sean John’s vice president of design arrived with storyboards and line sheets for the holiday 2018 collection, which he

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