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Tomas Maier Sells One of His Florida Homes for $9.5 Million

Fashion designer Tomas Maier has upgraded his Florida living situation.
After buying and renovating Ivana Trump’s longtime Palm Beach, Fla., house, Bottega Veneta’s creative director and his husband, Andrew Preston, have just sold the Gulf Stream home they owned for more than a decade.
But while their new home is certainly more opulent, the three-bedroom property they just sold for an impressive $9.5 million isn’t bad, either. Set on an acre of land, it boasts 100 feet of ocean frontage and comes with a courtyard, water fountains and a pool. Unsurprisingly for a house in the sunshine state, it’s also surrounded by palm trees.
Sadly for anyone hoping to take a peek into the no doubt stylish interiors of the home, there are no available listing images, but we’re told that it has been kitted in cypress paneling and terra-cotta tiles.
That house, which is about 20 miles south of Palm Beach, set them back $7.3 million in 2006, but while they made a profit, the final sale price is still less than the $10.95 million they were seeking.
These days, the German designer, who also has his own eponymous collection and moved to Florida in 1999, is living at Concha Marina — the plush Palm Beach house he

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