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Influencer Subculture: The Kim Kardashian Lookalikes

They are the ultimate followers.
They go under the knife, get their cheeks sculpted, foreheads frozen, noses streamlined, necks and chins contoured, lips filled and apply makeup with a precision that leaves them nothing short of a Kim Kardashian facsimile.
“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” has taken on a whole new meaning, thanks to an influencer subculture of Kardashian lookalikes that’s emerged online. This group of women, some now barely distinguishable from the real thing, have become influencers in their own right who boast anywhere from 500,000 to one million followers on Instagram.
For them, following the second eldest Kardashian sibling isn’t enough — they need to be her, or at least look just like her.
And looking like Kardashian is no longer just a very expensive hobby — it’s becoming a business. Influencer marketing agencies claim that brands seeking influencer support for product launches or to raise awareness that can’t afford the real thing now have their pick when it comes to Kardashian-esque types. A quick search on Instagram shows that these lookalikes have worked with brands from Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.-owned Glamglow in the Middle East and MAC Cosmetics in the United Arab Emirates to Iconic London, Gerard Cosmetics and Loving Tan.
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