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Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland Premiere ‘The Leisure Seeker’ in New York

“How can we talk [while] looking at the beauty of these two human beings,” gushed director Paolo Virzì as Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren stepped before a wall of flashbulbs at the premiere of their latest project, “The Leisure Seeker,” in New York on Thursday. “I’m just a fan — I could end my career right now.”
In Virzì’s film, the veteran actors play a married couple on one last-hurrah road trip from Boston to Key West in their vintage Seventies camper as Sutherland’s character, plagued by Alzheimer’s disease, floats in and out of lucidity. The poignant on-screen chemistry of the pair, who last worked together nearly 30 years ago, spilled into all interactions on-set, explained Mirren.
“I hadn’t seen or spoken to Donald since [about 1990],” said the British actress. “We then had a week’s rehearsal [time] to create the impression of two people who know each other inside and out, but then it’s [a matter of] luck whether the chemistry works or not.”
The success of this dynamic, for the Oscar-winning actress, is largely dependent on the emotional availability of her costars and, fortunately for Virzì — who said Sutherland and Mirren “maybe didn’t even need a director” — the rapport between

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