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Clothes relevant to modern daytime living needed, not neo-Renaissance dresses – archive, 12 January 1971

12 January 1971 It is one thing to dream up delicious fantasies for romantic evenings, but much more difficult to produce clothes that are relevant to the world of nine to six

Droopy, languid, romantically pensive, the poses of Barway’s Renaissance mannequins are in complete contrast to the aggressive stances of models sculptured in the unisexual sixties. These pensive girls, who can be arranged in poetic pairs with male figures, provide the right atmosphere for droopy, girdled dresses, with long flowing sleeves, which cascade in layers of lace or drip to the floor in tasseled points. Soft panne velvets, silky chenilles, fine gaule-like woollens are the favourite fabrics for the neo-Renaissance dresses. They are late day dresses, for this is not a daytime look – not, that is, daytime in the 1970s.

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