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Trekking to DUMBO for Fiberglass Ovaries

“I have this ridiculous idea that art should just be for everyone, and everyone should get to enjoy art and it shouldn’t be this exclusive thing,” Zoe Buckman told the intimate group huddled inside her live-work art studio in DUMBO on Wednesday night. The artist had only moved in 10 days prior — on New Year’s Day — and was already showing off her new, window-lined space, decked with many of her installations. In one corner, mobiles of silky-white boxing gloves hung off silver chains from the ceilings; in another, vintage lingerie embroidered with hip-hop lyrics were suspended above a spread of crudites and bites provided by the Smile chef Melia Marden.
The true centerpiece of the evening was a framed limited-edition embroidery of “Champ,” her soon-to-be-installed public sculpture installation in collaboration with the Art Production Fund. The embroidery, which is raising funds to support the public work and related programming, depicts a uterus — with a pair of boxing gloves taking the place of ovaries. The sculpture, which will be installed at The Standard hotel in Hollywood, will be a 43-foot-tall glowing neon and fiberglass version of the image, inspired by Buckman’s time spent in the boxing ring.
“For me, boxing

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