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Thom Browne Recaps His Career From SAG Card-Holding Actor to International Designer

Style-wise, Thom Browne is known to be exacting and a bit buttoned-up. But discussing his transformation from an economics major to an internationally recognized designer, he was open and wry during Wednesday night’s Q&A at 92Y.
Seated on the stage in one of his suits with shorts, Browne fielded 90 minutes of questions from Fern Mallis. The bucket of Veuve Clicquot Champagne between them helped to set a more relaxed mood. Intrigued by people who are perfectly themselves, Browne advised young designers, “The most important thing is staying true to yourselves and don’t get into it if you want to make money. It sounds so simplistic. But if you’re getting into it to make money, you’re going to fall into the commercial trap of not creating interesting things.”
As for how important being famous is, Browne said, “Not important at all. You can’t go into anything really thinking you’re going to make money or be famous. I guess you can, but good luck. The most important thing is that you do something that is true to yourself and that means something.”
His own aspirations include a beauty and fragrance deal, projects outside of fashion and a more vigorous e-commerce business, as his company

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