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Asked & Answered: What’s Your Most Bizarre Self-Care Ritual?

What’s your most bizarre self-care ritual? That’s the question WWD posed to celebrities like Freida Pinto, Irina Shayk and Naomie Harris — though as Pinto pointed out, how bizarre can self-care be if it makes one feel good?
From combating electromagnetic smoke on the plane to dancing naked in the mirror, here are celebs’ unconventional routines.
Lizzo: I used to dance naked. I actually still do. I dance naked in my room every day. I twerk in the mirror every day. It’s so good for you.
Naomie Harris: I have a lot. People always say my self-care rituals are very bizarre. I don’t think they’re that bizarre myself, but I’ve recently learned that it’s best not to eat while on planes because apparently it makes your digestion better. I tried it for the first time and I feel a lot better. It’s supposed to stop jet lag. I do grounding, which is putting my feet in the earth, which apparently is supposed to really help. So after you fly, you’re supposed to take off your shoes and socks and just ground because while you’re up in the air, there’s all this electromagnetic smoke that’s going around and then you get to release it into

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