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The Soloist Eschews Streetwear Label

Takahiro Miyashita doesn’t like labels.
While his collections for TakahiroMiyashita The Soloist have often been called streetwear, Miyashita is not a fan of this nomenclature.
“I don’t think of what I do as a street brand. I think of it as clothes,” he said. “I don’t want to be labeled as any particular category. I don’t say those things myself and I don’t really like it when other people say them about me either.”
Statements like these hint at Miyashita’s self-confidence, which shines through despite a very shy and humble demeanor. Soft spoken and pensive, he rarely makes eye contact from behind his tinted lenses and he chooses his words carefully before speaking.
With no formal fashion training, Miyashita could easily have been at a disadvantage when he launched his first line, Number (N)ine, in 1996. Yet he received wide critical acclaim when he began showing in Paris in 2003, and his current brand, started in 2010, has generated just as much buzz, if not more. He says one advantage to his not attending fashion school is that he can sometimes see things in a way that other trained designers cannot.
“I think that’s the good thing, but if we’re talking about the bad thing,

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