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Marilyn Minter Kicks Off Video Art Project in the Oculus

With her latest art installation, Marilyn Minter wants shoppers at the Westfield World Trade Center to step outside of themselves.
Her video, “I’m Not Much but I’m All I Think About” debuts Thursday and will play out on 19 screens of varying sizes downtown and her work will also be shown at the Westfield Century Center. Presented by Westfield and the Art Production Fund, the public space project was a simple decision for Minter. “Have you ever seen The Oculus?” Minter said with a laugh. “I’ve never seen my work that big and the piece is about narcissism so it all made sense.”
Noting how organizers selected her least provocative video, she said, “Narcissism is right now a national conversation. I like that moment when you see something you don’t expect. It’s sort of thrilling and it’s not an ad. It’s just two beautiful letters, two “M”s actually [for Marilyn Minter] but when one of the M’s turns sideways, it spells ‘Me’ in slow-mo falling into this sort of liquid silver. It looks kind of spectacular.” she said. “It’s a fun thing. It’s not anything really profound — it’s in a mall.”
The concept of art in shopping centers isn’t new. “I think I

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