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Ones to Watch: Top Picks From Pitti

Elegance, stability, continuity — those are a few of the key values at the core of the Corneliani brand, according to Stefano Gaudioso Tramonte, the company’s general merchandising manager and creative director.
“We are not a pure fashion brand, we are a classic label, which means that we offer beautiful, long-lasting clothes,” he said, explaining the reason behind the company’s decision to present at Pitti rather than hosting its usual fashion show in Milan. “We thought a lot about the value of the show and we realized that for us it was not relevant anymore to concentrate our presentation in the span of 10 minutes since we want to communicate a sense of [continuity].”
After more than a decade, Corneliani is making its comeback at Pitti with a presentation inside Fortezza da Basso’s Sala delle Grotte, a space featuring several rooms connected by archways.
“This space will enable us to create a sort of home, where we can fully unveil our DNA,” said Gaudioso Tramonte. “We will create a sort of exhibition path where guests will immerse themselves in our world.”
Carpets and paintings will enhance the homey feel of the space, which will host different installations where products of the same color will

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