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Karl Lagerfeld Skewers German Leader in Cartoon Portraying Hitler

GHOSTS OF THE PAST: In his most biting political cartoon yet, Karl Lagerfeld points the finger at German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a far-right party won seats in the German parliament for the first time in half a century.
Lagerfeld blamed Merkel’s decision to let more than one million refugees into the country since 2015 for the rise in support for the Alternative for Germany party, which won nearly 13 percent of the vote in the German federal elections, making it the third-largest party in the country.
The sketch, scheduled to be published on Saturday in the monthly magazine supplement to the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, shows Adolf Hitler telling Merkel: “Thank you very much for inadvertently allowing my descendants to be represented in parliament.” A distraught Merkel asks: “What have I done?”
Lagerfeld has contributed caricatures to the monthly magazine since it was launched in February 2013. Though he does not vote, he frequently targets politicians including Merkel.
“I am beside myself!” he said of the rise of right-wing populism in Germany. “I hoped that something like this would never happen again in my life,” added Lagerfeld, who grew up in Germany under the rule of Hitler’s Nazi Party. “I am ashamed of

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