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Aquis Brings in Guthy Renker Ventures as Investor

Guthy Renker Ventures has invested in hair-care business Aquis.
Aquis, which has raised $4 million total in seed funding, has spent the past 18 months laying the groundwork for its future expansion. Right now, the business sells hair towels that have proprietary drying technology called Aquitex that is meant to pull water away from hair strands quickly to diminish damage and frizz.
With Guthy Renker Ventures on board, Aquis is planning to develop and launch a new hair-care system. Cochief executive officers Britta Cox and Suveen Sahib Aquis’ were mostly mum on the details (it launches in 2018), the husband-and-wife team described it as “nontraditional” with “some habit changes” — a departure from the shampoo and conditioner norm. “Hair care is too much of an effort these days,” Sahib said. “It has to become faster, simpler, sustainable for everyone.”
Aquis’ full system, towel included, is designed to keep hair healthy and minimize breakage. “The system will also save time,” Cox said.
“Education is a key part of the whole process, and that’s where Guthy brings in significant expertise,” Sahib said. “It’s about explaining the process…for us, that was a key for going all out at a mass level — being able to communicate that story

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