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Bergdorf’s Men’s Store Ups Its Street Cred

NEW YORK — Bergdorf Goodman is going street.
Over the past two years the upscale retailer has increasingly been partnering with some of the more trend-setting streetwear labels on special capsules and in-store events to update the mix on the third floor of its Goodman’s men’s store.
Brands from John Elliott and Kith to Off-White and NikeLab have worked with the retailer on special installations, and the latest one will hit today when Kith’s second capsule for the store is delivered.
Exclusives are nothing new for retailers. Merchants are constantly negotiating with vendors for something unique they can offer their customers that also differentiates them from their competitors.
But in the past few years Bergdorf Goodman has pushed the envelope, aligning with hot brands that have generally eschewed traditional retail. The result has been a win-win for both.
“When we joined three years ago, we examined the third floor and where we saw fashion moving,” said Bruce Pask, Bergdorf’s men’s fashion director. “Then we set a direction to put designers in place to address that.”
So together with Melissa Lowenkron, senior vice president of men’s, women’s footwear, handbags and beauty, the store worked initially with John Elliott, who was the first of the new breed of men’s designers to create

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