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Street-Style Photographer Suzanne Middlemass Shares the Secrets of Her New Shoe-Focused Book

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As a renowned street-style photographer, Suzanne Middlemass spends her days capturing fashion’s most memorable off-the-runway moments.
A self-described shoe lover, London-based Middlemass — who has shot for magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Glamour and GQ — curated a collection of her most striking shots of fanciful footwear from around the world for a new book, aptly called “It’s All About Shoes.” Published last month by teNeues, the book showcases 300 show-stopping styles, spotted on the streets of major fashion capitals including New York, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin and Copenhagen.
The book features 300 photographs of shoes seen on the streets of the world’s fashion capitals.
Describing her creative process in the book’s introduction, Middlemass wrote: “When deciding who and what to shoot, I am not necessarily interested in the latest designs. Essentially, I am looking for something that stands out from the crowd, something outside the realm of ordinary.”
Suzanne Middlemass
Here, Middlemass talks with Footwear News about the inspiration behind her book, the best spots for fashion-watching and why women love shoes.
FN: Why did you decide to create a book focused exclusively on shoes?
Suzanne Middlemass: I am a big lover of accessories, but shoes are my true vice. Most people outside of

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